Basketball Research Paper

Most athletes love to play or watch basketball. It’s fun but also challenging to those who make it to the NBA. Any basketball player of today or of the past will tell you. Now the future players of the NBA(which could be any of us) are working hard to get to that point. But the mistake most players think its all about scoring. Well there is many more things to keep your team and yourself successful. 
On almost every NBA team today there is a few players who don’t mind sharing the ball.  John Stockton holds the record for assist with 15806 in his whole career.  In order for basketball players to be successful on the offensive end of the court, they must develop good habits. At the same time, they should avoid or eliminate bad habits(Ben Rubenstein).  John Stockton developed good habits by spreading the ball around.  The person closest to Stockton’s record is Jason Kidd with 11578.  Both of them don’t mind spreading the ball to their team.
 It’s just a natural thing to score, for everyone.  Many others who struggle sharing the ball or scoring either have play good defense or grab some rebounds.  Offensive rebounds can change the mood of the game some time.  It gives that team another chance to score.  Defensive rebounds are important to and can get the fast break going. 

 As for the stars of the game they like to share the ball sometimes and have good offensive and defensive game.  Some of them are able to get rebounds some struggle to get some.  Some stars may have an excellent offensive game but can’t buckle down on defense.

The point of this paper is just really explaining how to get to the NBA.  The chance of me getting isn’t very high.  I still have a lot of room for improvement, but so do many others.  We all can’t be the next great players but with a lot of hard work some could at least make it there.



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Darkness Before Dawn Events

Event 1:Keisha and Andy break up

Event 2:Andy kills himself.

Event 3:Keisha asked Monty(Andy’s little brother)if he wants to go to a picnic

These events were all happen out of no where.  Keisha’s break up with Andy is what made Andy kill him self.  Keisha now feels that Andy’s little brother Monty most feel bad so she invited him to a picnic.  I just started the book and this is all I read so far in class.


Push for the playoffs

In the NBA today every thing has been crazy seeding wise.  Few games left in the season, players and teams making a final push to make the playoffs, and all stars are trying to bring their teams up by winning these final games.  San Antonio Spurs lead the west conference and the NBA with the best record.  Many teams are right behind them like the Bulls, Heats, Celtics and the Mavericks.

 Their is also some teams who are struggling to make it in the playoffs.  The Knicks have to hold down their spot as the sixth seed while entering the playoffs.  Blazers also have to stand there ground.  With the season coming to an end the Cavaliers have no playoff dream but hate the fact that Lebron James and the Heats do.  The season ends this Wednesday.  Good luck to all the NBA teams!  I want the Lakers to win it all, go Kobe  Bryant!

Zoom post

 I’m more of a athletic sporty type of person.  So if you own a basketball where exactly do you think it’ll end up if you lost it?  I want you all to share your story.  This post for the blogging challenge week 5.

The Final Four

Those of you who do like to watch and keep up with college basketball I suppose you know what teams are in the final four.  Uconn, VCU, Butler, and Kentuckey all want to win it all but their can only be one champion.  Uconn versus Kentucky and VCU versus Butler.  Who ever wins the out come of those two games will play for the championship.  Personally I want Uconn to win it all.  I think Uconn can out play kentucky and possible VCU can out play Butler if they play smart.  This weekend is when both games will kick off.  I have faith in Kemba Walker and the Huskies to play hard against Brandon Knight and the wildcats.  So who do you think will win it all?

My Digital Footprint

While looking my name in google I found some old and most recent things.  Some old game accounts that I use to play when I was younger.  My blog that I still write on today.  When I looked up others like my brothers I found their athletic profiles, face book pages and twitter pages.  They have a lot then I do right know only because they are younger

My Avatar

This post will be on my new cool avatar.  It looks nothing like me it’s actually just president Obama.  I decided to use him as my avatar because I’d thought it would be cool to see the sporty side of our president.  The personality of my avatar is just a laid back type of person sort of like me.  He is a sporty type of person which is also like me.

Why people should visit my blog

I may not be the best writer, but I think people should check some of my better writing on my blog.  If your sporty type of person like my self you may just like some of them.  Others in my class always question me about why do I always write about sports?  My simple answer is that I love playing sports almost any type even if I’m not all that good at some of them.